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Eternis: Death Match is an action-packed PvP arena game where players take control of iconic historical and mythical figures transformed into fierce warriors. Engage in thrilling battles, compete in tournaments, and lead your guild to victory in this epic combat experience.

Yes, Eternis: Death Match is free to play! You can jump into the action and start battling other players without any upfront costs.

Absolutely! Eternis: Death Match leverages blockchain technology and giving players true ownership of their in-game assets. Through NFT (Non-Fungible Token) integration, you can earn and collect unique assets like characters, skins, and items as NFTs. This allows you to trade, sell, or showcase your NFTs in the vibrant digital economy, all while having full control and ownership of your valuable assets.

Yes. While Eternis: Death Match offers exciting blockchain and NFT features for players interested in enhancing their gaming experience and participating in the digital economy, you can still enjoy the game fully without engaging in blockchain, NFTs, or cryptocurrency interactions. The game provides a rich gaming experience for all players, regardless of their preference for blockchain technology.

Currently, Eternis: Death Match is available on PC. Stay tuned for potential expansions to other platforms in the future.

While a powerful gaming PC can enhance your experience, Eternis: Death Match is designed to be accessible to a wide range of systems.

Absolutely! Eternis: Death Match features various multiplayer modes, including one-on-one battles, tournaments, and guild wars. You can team up with friends or challenge them to intense duels within the game’s immersive arenas.

As an Early Access title, Eternis: Death Match is continuously evolving based on player feedback and development progress. Players can expect regular updates, new features, and content additions throughout the Early Access phase. Your input helps shape the game’s future, and we appreciate your participation in this journey.

We are committed to providing regular updates and new content to enhance your gaming experience. Keep an eye on our social media channels and our Discord community for announcements about upcoming updates, events, and features.

Yes, In-App purchasing is available in Eternis: Death Match. Players can enhance their gaming experience by purchasing various in-game items, cosmetics, and other virtual goods. These purchases are optional and are designed to provide additional customization and progression options within the game.

In-App purchases may include cosmetic items such as characters, skins, visual effects, and other customization options. Additionally, players may find convenience items or boosts that enhance gameplay mechanics or progression speed.

While In-App purchases offer additional content and features, they are not required to enjoy the core gameplay experience of Eternis: Death Match. All gameplay-related content is accessible to all players, ensuring a fair and enjoyable gaming environment.

If you have additional questions or need support, you can reach out to our dedicated support team through our official website or join our Discord community. We’re here to help and ensure you have the best experience in Eternis: Death Match!